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The year-old lion was diagnosed with the disease back in April, zoo manager Kara Heynis told the Rekord.

The session proved to be pretty seamless as it only took five minutes for the radiation, the outlet reported. Heynis told the Rekord that Muelmed provides excellent animal care and works closely with Onderstepoort Veterinary Clinic in Pretoria. According to News24, Chaos was treated by a team of five radiation therapists and one radiation oncologist.

Being that the facility is a private hospital with human patients, extra precautions were taken to not put anyone in danger. Search News Search web. But with these beautiful pictures, entitled 'The Little Prince', friend and photographer Matej Peljhan has allowed him to explore an imaginary world where he can shoot a basketball, climb stairs and even perform a handstand.

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Amazingly, the images did not require any digital trickery, Matej simply used coloured sheets and carefully placed objects and took the pictures from above. Shooting hoops: The clever images allow Luka to explore a world where he can try sports like basketball.

Trickery: The images were created without the help of Photoshop simply using coloured sheets and household objects. Imaginary world: The touching images allowed Luka, 12, to experience pleasures beyond the confines of his wheelchair. Deep sea dive: Wearing flippers and with some carefully placed ping pong balls, Luka appears to be underwater. Inspired: The idea for the pictures came when Luka said he would like to see himself in photographs getting up to mischief.

Incredible and Touching Photographs Show a Lion Receiving Treatment for Skin Cancer in Africa

Due to his condition, Luka is unable to do even the most basic of everyday activities such as washing himself, dressing, and eating. Grant Petersen, an astrophotographer in South Africa, uses a telescope, adapters, and a smartphone to take detailed photos of the night sky. Copyright of Grant Petersen Like many astrophotographers, Petersen said he constantly looks for "the next big astronomy event" that will be visible at his location.

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Sometimes the event is a passing comet or asteroid; other times it's the International Space Station zipping by. To figure out what's coming, Petersen said, he uses a variety of astronomy apps and diaries.

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The Saturn-moon conjunction came to his attention in January, and he devised a plan to photograph it. Petersen told Business Insider that he had "a lot of anticipation and excitement running up to the event" — that is, until rain hit Johannesburg the evening before.

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But the poor weather cleared out to reveal a crisp night sky in time for the conjunction. Petersen got up at 4 a. His setup included an 8-inch Dobsonian a relatively cheap yet large and powerful telescope , a Galaxy S8 smartphone, an adapter to connect it to a lens, and an eyepiece.

A Photographer’s Touching, Funny Photos of His Three Daughters

As Saturn edged toward the moon, Petersen recorded it at 60 frames per second. After the conjunction, he processed the images using a technique called stacking, which merges several lower-quality images into a brighter, clearer picture. Then he shared his best photos to Twitter.