Commentary on Ezekiel - Volume 1 - Enhanced Version (Calvins Commentaries Book 22)

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  1. Ezekiel by John Calvin
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Sir, I cant say enough. What a treasure!

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I'll never be able to repay you this side of heaven, but when we get there I am sure you will see the rich fruits of your labor. God bless you for not being money hungry but wanting to see Christians grow in the Lord I love you even though we have never met, you have helped me in my Christian walk tremendously with these I am not bragging on the flesh, I am just giving honor where honor is due. The Holy Ghost will take these CDs and light a fire unseen and unheard of. God bless you all at Still Waters. I am amazed at the quality and quantity of the literature I cannot imagine any other single thing being done by any man or group of men in the earth today that is of such extensive, present, and enduring value as this CD work is.

God be praised that he uses sickly and weak men to forward his kingdom, that the work may not be mistaken to be wrought by the might of men, but by his Spirit. His strength is perfected in weakness. Elliott [ Christian Observer magazine], and many others. All prices are listed in US funds. Everything you always wanted to know about vows an important part of sanctification which is little heard of in our day. This book includes much general practical application regarding vows , with abundant particular attention to vows as they relate to baptism and the Lord's supper.

As it should be with all Christians, Calamy writes, "Whoever is conversant in David's Psalms, will find him frequently making vows, and careful in paying them.

Ezekiel by John Calvin

Calamy was a prominent Westminster Divine, and Thomas Smith notes that "he was an active and zealous man in all their proceedings, and much distinguished, both for his learning and moderation, in assembly" Select Memoirs Smith further states, "Mr. Calamy was one of the most popular preachers in London, and frequently appointed to preach before the long parliament; for which the prelatical party have treated him with unmerited abuse" idem.

Considered by many to be one of the major classics of Reformation thought regarding worship and church government.

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The "Altare," or Altar of Damascus a title founded on 2 Kings , is Calderwood's masterpiece , and contains an elaborate examination of the constitution and ceremonies of the Church of England and thus Prelacy and the English Popish ceremonies which the most faithful Reformers have always condemned--RB. The original of the Latin work was a tract in English, published in It is said that King James, on reading this looked melancholy, and being asked the cause pointed to the formidable treatise.

The " Altare Damascenum " is beyond comparison the most learned and elaborate work ever written on the subject, embracing the whole controversy between the English and Scottish divines as to government, discipline, and worship T.

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M'Mcrie as cited in Treasury of the Scottish Covenant , p. This volume is the English "tract" of pages referenced above. The History of the Kirk of Scotland. David Calderwood, his matured experience in ecclesiastical affairs, and especially in those of his native country, the persecutions he had endured for his beloved Church, and the numerous works he had written in its defence, all qualified him, in the happiest manner, for becoming a Historian of the Kirk of Scotland.

Above all, when the narrative was to be one of struggle and suffering, in which the principalities and powers of the earth, as well as those of darkness, were the antagonists, the record of such a conflict fell most aptly into the hands of a man whom a monarch had in vain attempted to brow-beat, and a whole hierarchy to silence. His own heart also appears to have affectionately inclined towards this his most congenial occupation, so that, after his return from exile, he spent many years in collecting and arranging the materials necessary for such an important task.

At last, when he had reached his seventy-third year, the General Assembly, for the purpose of enabling him to perfect his work, granted him an annual pension of pounds Scots. Calderwood died only two years afterwards; but he lived to accomplish his purpose of writing the History of our National Church from the commencement of the Reformation to the close of the reign of James the Sixth, in two, if not three successive and copious revisals" Preface to volume one, pp.

More on the prominent role Calderwood played in the church of his day is supplied by Johnston, in his Treasury of the Scottish Covenant p. The most important parts of the book were legalized in , and again in But when King James VI visited Scotland in , Calderwood and 54 other ministers meeting in Edinburgh wrote a protest against the King's intention that the monarch and men of his preference should appoint forms of worship and discipline in the Church. Calderwood was required to appear with Archibald Simson before the King at St.

Andrews, where from his knees he boldly opposed the King's will and asserted the freedom of the General Assembly to control the Church's ceremonies and government emphasis added, and some today say these are points of little or no consequence -- how different from our Reformed forefathers--RB.

Calderwood was deprived of his charge, imprisoned and banished. In he went to Holland, whence he issued anonymously his monumental critique of English episcopacy, The Altar of Damascus n. Calderwood's writings were erudite and widely persuasive, preparing the way for the restoration of Presbyterian practice at the 'Second Reformation' With Alexander Henderson and David Dickson he was appointed by the General Assembly of to draft a directory for public worship, to fill a need for guidelines after the episcopal conventions had been removed in keeping with the Solemn League and Covenant--RB.

It contains a page index and Thomson's "Life of David Calderwood. Documents and information available no where else that we know of are also included in this set. Must reading for researchers and those interested in church history! This 17th century work refutes prelacy. Calderwood, bound by solemn oath to defend the doctrine and discipline of Biblical Presbyterian government and worship, and to oppose the hierarchy, along with all rites and ceremonies added to the worship of God, does a masterful job here.

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He uses the Word of God and the proceedings of the ancient and Reformation churches to make his points. He deals with controversies over things "indifferent," people's souls, state and society, etc. He points out the far reaching consequences of the implementation of various systems of church government and worship, showing how these specific ideas are eventually mirrored in the culture in general. Summarizing, he notes the classic saying concerning these matters and their consequences in the civil realm, "no ceremony no bishop, no bishop no king," and in the ecclesiastical arena, "no ceremony no prelate, no prelate no pope.

The True History of the Church of Scotland, From the Beginning of the Reformation, unto the end of the Reigne of King James VI This is the officially sanctioned history of the Church of Scotland, written, as the title page notes, by "appointment of the General Assembly, by whom his laboures herein were several times revised and examined, and at length approved for the Press. The Life of John Calvin. Beza was Calvin's friend, student and successor at Geneva. As an eye-witness to Calvin's conduct and an intimate friend, this work of pages , of necessity, retains a special quality that other treatments of Calvin's life will lack.

Written by a careful historian and Swiss pastor, it draws on Calvin's correspondence and other records of the time to give a strong impression of what the reformer was like as a person, in his family life, in his close friendships, and in his sympathy and generosity as a pastor. Read on, prepare to be challenged and rejoice that God raises up such historians for the blessing of the Church.

Michael Haykin. Parker, and Emanuel Stickelberger. At the same time I acquired Calvin's letters and the splendid little study which you now hold in your hands. Already convinced of the humanness of Calvin I considered Richard Stauffer's study to be unique in demonstrating this dimension of the great theologian.

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Beyond its value as an historical polemic, it provides a marvelous example to all who would be faithful pastors and theologians. The best response to detractors is the Christ-like example which Calvin left us. This is the first collection of Christian writings to be available on DVD. Over 3 gigabytes of information are packed onto 1 disc containing the entire libraries of:. When these are kept out of view, though we may glory in the name of Christians, our profession is empty and vain. Now for a fraction of the price of hardcover volumes, you can have easy access to Calvin's commentaries, sermons, letters, treatises, and tracts.

Also included is the new Battles translation of Calvin's Institutes as well as the older Beveridge edition , Beza's biography of the great Reformer and much bonus data including digital library Bibles, the complete works of Augustine, and Strong's Greek Dictionary. Here is what you get:. Did you ever wonder what the Reformation was really about? Are you aware of the sacrifices that many men and women made in the 16th century in their stand for the truth of Scripture and the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ? Why were these sacrifices made? What drove these believers to sacrifice their belongings, homes and eventually their lives, all in the name of the Reformed faith and unswerving faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ?

Many brave men and women where tortured and died at the hands of the Roman Catholic Antichrist during the Reformation and this CD will give you a look at the truths that these brave martyrs witnesses stood for -- even to the shedding of blood in resisting sin. We need to understand the sacrifices that these noble witnesses for Christ made, as we reap the fruit of their faithfulness today, lest they and the teaching they maintained be forgotten and history repeats itself once again.

Thus, we are excited to announce the release of the Reformation History Library Version 2 less a few of the selections included. The Reformation History Library is the most exhaustive collection of books written about this critical time in the history of the world. The Reformation History Library will provide the reader with new insight and information that is not available on any other CD package. Here is an overview of what is contained on this CD:. Index to Contents of RHL:. Wetzel, R.

Bliss, S. Apologetic, II.

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Anti-Marcion, III. The Martin Luther Collection. Latimer, Hugh - Sermons and Remains St. Reformation Illustration Collection. Public because, for many years, twice on Sundays and daily in alternate weeks, the Reformer stood before a congregation of townsfolk, refugees and visitors to teach, warn, appeal, counsel, admonish, and encourage. This volume presents readers with a short series of sermons on the Beatitudes, translated for the first time into English by Robert White.

Five sermons were preached on the Beatitudes in the course of an extended treatment of the Synoptic Gospels. His absence was to be permanent: he died three months later, in May They represent his very last effort to elucidate a New Testament text in the context of regular public worship.

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Translated into a modern idiom, this book will transport the reader back into sixteenth-century Geneva, where he can hear the Reformer preach on issues of perennial Christian concern. Contains the following two facsimile sermons by one of the greatest preachers ever:. An Exhortation to Suffer Persecution.

Paul, has done most good to mankind. Here we have one example why, in Calvin's willingness to stand against false religion.


This is a one-of-a-kind Reformation refutation of this wretched Roman standard. Thus, this Antidote remains pertinent, citing fully each section of Trent that Calvin is attacking. The major points dealt with include the rule of faith, original sin, justification and the sacrifice and merits of Christ. In regard to all of these points, it is clearly shown that the heresies of the Papists are numerous and deadly.

Written near the end of Calvin's life, we have here a clear demonstration of Calvin's mature thought, countering Rome, and reiterating some of the most important principles of Reformation thought.