Shelleys Music: Fantasy, Authority, and the Object Voice

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Jackson, who is fifty-five, grew up in Berkeley, California. She was a shy child, and her shyness manifested not as a speech impediment, per se, but as a dread of talking. Specifically, she said, as we settled into her living room and the sky outside darkened, she had a fantasy of speechlessness.

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It was bookish, sesquipedalian. If anything, it was senescent, with the gaseous orotundity of an earlier era. Jackson was dressed in short shorts and a tank top that made visible several of her tattoos. More than ten thousand people have applied to take part in the project since it began, in ; Jackson has accepted 1, of them. It is unsurprising that a writer so in thrall to the mystery and materiality of things should also be known as one of the pioneers of electronic literature.

We gain a sense of the sleekness of water, of the depths concealed beneath its bright and changing surface, and above all its reflectivity, so important to Melville that he positioned the story of Narcissus in his first paragraph. So it is not a simple matter of one medium being better or worse, more evocative or less, than another. Different matter, different meaning. We lose, on the other hand, all the weight of the whale.

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Stoned Shelley: Revolutionary Tactics and Women under the Influence

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Pete Shelley on making Buzzcocks' masterpiece Ever Fallen in Love

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Nor was India alone in inspiring vigorous postcolonial writing. Particularly notable is An Insular Possession , which vividly harks back to the founding of Hong Kong.

Naipaul in his most ambitious novel, A Bend in the River Naipaul also chronicled aftermaths of empire around the globe and particularly in his native Caribbean. Nearer England, the strife in Northern Ireland provoked fictional response, among which the bleak, graceful novels and short stories of William Trevor and Bernard MacLaverty stand out. Money is the most effectively focused of his books. The most gifted exponent of this kind of writing, which sought immediate access to the realm of the subconscious, was Angela Carter , whose exotic and erotic imagination unrolled most eerily and resplendently in her short-story collection The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories Jeanette Winterson also wrote in this vein.

Having distinguished herself earlier in a realistic mode, as did authors such as Drabble and Pat Barker, Doris Lessing published a sequence of science fiction novels about issues of gender and colonialism, Canopus in Argos—Archives — As the end of the century approached, an urge to look back—at starting points, previous eras, fictional prototypes—was widely evident.

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The historical novel enjoyed an exceptional heyday. Many novels juxtaposed a present-day narrative with one set in the past. It also made extensive use of period pastiche, another enthusiasm of novelists toward the end of the 20th century. In addition to the interest in remote and recent history, a concern with tracing aftereffects became dominatingly present in fiction. Most subtly and powerfully exhibiting this, Ian McEwan —who came to notice in the s as an unnervingly emotionless observer of contemporary decadence—grew into imaginative maturity with novels set largely in Berlin in the s The Innocent [] and in Europe in Black Dogs [].

These repercussions are also felt in Last Orders , a masterpiece of quiet authenticity by Graham Swift , a novelist who, since his acclaimed Waterland , showed himself to be acutely responsive to the atmosphere of retrospect and of concern with the consequences of the past that suffused English fiction as the second millennium neared. You are using an outdated browser.

Some Literary Criticism quotes

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