The Many Hats of a Woman

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  1. How many hats do you wear in your life?
  2. 4 210 wearing many hats stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.
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Colleague 2 : The challenge is that we have at least four different functions for a new person. We need an accountant, a software person, a marketer and a salesperson. Colleague 1 : Then we had better find someone who can wear many hats and is up for a challenge. Friend 1 : We mothers have become the masters of wearing many hats. Friend 2 : No kidding. I never expected that I would have to take on so many roles in my life. Interestingly, we manage to get it all done, from volunteering at our children's schools, to chauffeuring our kids to keeping the house to part-time jobs to acting as counselors for our husbands.

On a recent trip to New York, I sat beside a youngish woman who appeared to have her proverbial act together. Her crisp, yet stylish suit, perfect hair and nails, and Louis Vitton briefcase gave her away as a savvy, Manhattan businesswoman.

How many hats do you wear in your life?

My yoga pants likely gave me away as well. Without words, this woman let me know very quickly and coolly that she was not in the mood for chit-chat. I saw a ring on her left ring finger. The ring indicated that this woman was capable of intimate relationship. Though she did not see the value of engaging with a stranger, she did have one person with whom she shared herself and her life with.

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I wondered how differently she may have reacted toward me if she were travelling with her spouse in flip flops and shorts en route to Hawaii. Would her relational identity bring a lightness to her step and spirit, allowing her to engage in her world differently? We wear many different hats as women.

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Each hat requires something different from us and impacts how we interact in our world with other people. Each has its own set of expectations and obligations. Each represents a piece of our divided self, with our many identities, which is often sliced up neatly like a Thanksgiving pie. With the endless possibilities of the many hats we wear, the Mad Hatter has got nothing on some of us! We are not content with plain hats. We want impressive, flashy hats that cause double takes from people around us. Simple, seemingly lackluster faithfulness in our roles seems a tad uninspiring and so we labor with messy hot glue guns, cheap rhinestones and gaudy gems to give our hats some pizzazz.

Nurturing mother. Pink rhinestone. Devoted friend. Gaudy trinket. Inspirational homemaker.

4 210 wearing many hats stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Purple gem. The bedazzling and the problems come with the adjectives. Starting out as harmless, fitting descriptions of our intentions to love others and serve well within our roles, these adjectives have the potential to enslave us when they become self-oriented. Loving others gets replaced with loving ourselves when we begin to live for the adjectives from a desire to standout and be noticed. Longing to be eye-catching, self-oriented excellence in our roles can drive us tirelessly to do more and more. Rarely are we satisfied with our best efforts.

Rest and contentment are always on the agenda for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

Woman with Many Hats Vector Images (32)

What does inevitably come, with time and failure, is exhaustion, disillusionment, confusion and even anger. When good desires morph into enslaving lusts for recognition, we inevitably buckle under the burden of our blinged-out hats and wonder where things went so wrong. What did go wrong? Where did we lose our balance? Which hats any given CEO passes on is entirely dependent on the relative strengths within the organization.

Realizing that someone else is more capable than you are to handle a team or run a department is an important part of moving your company forward. So, when you hire an all-star player to run a specific functional group, allow that person to be better than you. All they do every day is think about finance, or product or sales, while you as CEO are thinking about the business as a whole. To help junior employees step into leadership roles , I groom mentors that will guide them.

For example, I relinquished my position as the head of engineering by promoting a junior engineer from within. With a little coaching, though, that junior engineer, who happened to be in the right place at the right time, will become the perfect the functional leader for the department. Since I acquired the firm in , ConsumerAffairs has grown from 15 to more than people.

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The Many Hats of Edith Childs

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